Personal info for MIke Pettitt

User name: pettittm
Real name: MIke Pettitt
Time zone: (GMT -12:00 hours) Baker Island
Occupation: US Dept Of Defense Contractor
“I hope the signing of the LUA (Land Use Agreement) allows the Government of the Marshall Islands more time to focus on the biggest issues it faces – how to raise the level of education and health of the Marshallese people and how to create an economy that will be stable after direct US funding ends in 2023.”
US Ambassador to the Marshall Islands Martha Campbell, as quoted by MI Journal, 13 May 2011, pg 4
Other info: Retired US Army Officer; Lived with family on Majuro, Jan 87 - Jun 89
Registration date: Jul 16, 2002

Majuro: 2013 Pacifc Forum Opening Programs