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Articles: Taiwanese Delegation to Share Diabolo Culture with Marshall Islands

Contributed by YokweOnline on Oct 06, 2013 - 06:05 PM

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A delegation of twelve people from the National Taipei Education University will come to the RMI to promote cultural exchanges between the RMI and the ROC (Taiwan) by sharing traditional Taiwanese diabolo-playing techniques with the local Marshallese community. They are scheduled to visit Majuro from the 8th to 11th of October 2013.

The Diabolo Performance will be held at three different venues:

  •     October 9 (Wednesday) at 10:00 Am: at the basketball court of College of the Marshall Islands
  •     October 10 (Thursday) at 7:30 pm: at International Conference Center (ROC National Day reception, invitation only)
  •     October 11 (Friday) at 10:00 am: at the stadium of Marshall Islands High School

 The Taiwanese diabolo delegation is happy to share Taiwanese diabolo culture with all Marshallese citizens interested in participating in the events. They will share traditional Taiwanese diabolo-playing techniques with local Marshallese participants, including the youth from various schools.

 The Diabolo, also known as Tzuh-ling, Chinese YoYo, empty bell, pulling bell and wind bell, was created so long ago that there is no known inventor. Originally, the Chinese YoYo was made of wood or bamboo. Today, as a result of modern technology, most Chinese YoYos are composed of two durable plastic wheels and a joining steel rod and constructed so that the center of mass is located precisely at the middle of the steel rod where the string pivots the YoYo. With the weight evenly distributed, the performer can execute really fantastic tricks without fear of breaking the Chinese YoYo.

 The Diabolo Performance is one of the various projects initiated by the ROC (Taiwan) Government to promote cultural exchanges and enhance understanding between the peoples of the RMI and the ROC (Taiwan)

-- Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Majuro

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