Articles: Troubled Times and Tragedy for Some Marshall Islands Emmigrants

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 For some migrant Marshall Islanders, who leave less-structured island ways, adjusting to life in a modern society is difficult. They find social expectations, economic challenges, and legal responsibilities which are very different from their atoll, extended family, and community-connected lifestyle. While they perceive island justice as more lenient, when charged in their new locations with drunkenness, domestic abuse, and criminal offenses, they most likely face the strong-end of the law, including jail-time and being deported.

  • AFFIDAVIT: Tualatin woman was stabbed to death [1]
  •  VIDEO: Neighbor said she ran out to help victim after stabbing [2]
  • WAIMEA: Barry Bokmej Died Yesterday While Working On A Roof [3]
  • CASE:  Judge Declares a Mistrial in Springdale Rape Case [4]
  • FINE: Fiji Fines Marshall Islands' National $600 [5]
  • LOCKED-UP: Seven men arrested for walking on interstate, improper hitchhiking [6]
  • RELEASED: Homeward bound [7]

AFFIDAVIT: A Tualatin man is accused of murdering his girlfriend on the lawn in front of their apartment and then charging at police, armed with knives.Suspect Lujar Philippo made his first appearance in Washington County court Monday after his arrest over the weekend on murder charges. Police believe Philippo stabbed 31-year-old Kiorinta Edmond to death. Police found her body lying in front of the Tualatin Meadows Apartments just before 5:30 a.m. in the 18700 block of SW 90th Avenue. The affidavit also said that investigators went back inside the couple's apartment after the murder and found a chair with what appeared to be stab and slash marks on it. The officers said they also saw a knife in the kitchen sink that appeared to have blood on it. The couple had children together. They have been placed in the care of relatives.

NEIGHBOR: The woman said Edmond tried to run from Philippo but he caught up with her.She was alone with Edmond’s body until police arrived. That’s when she said Philippo came back with another knife. “I heard cops yelling for someone to drop a weapon,” she said. “I look down and the guy had come back with two knives. He had one to this throat and was encouraging the officers to shoot.” She said the officers fired a Taser at Philippo before arresting him.

WAIMEA: A 49-year-old Kawaihae man died Monday (June 4) while working on a roof in Waimea. South Kohala Police investigating the 2:55 p.m. incident determined that the man who died, Barry Bokmej, and another man were hired to make repairs at a home on Alo Loa Street in Waimea. Bokmej was reportedly pressure-washing the roof while the other worker was weeding the yard with a machine.

CASE: A Springdale man will be facing a jury again, after a judge declared a mistrial. According to police, Arjel Gold told a woman his sister could give her a ride and led her between two duplexes on Adrian Avenue. Investigators said, Gold pushed the woman to the ground, raped her, and stole her cell phone and ID. Gold is facing two counts of felony rape as well as a robbery charge. According to the prosecutor's office, after more than four hours of deliberation on Thursday, the jury deadlocked on all three counts.' Circuit Judge William Storey declared a mistrial and set the new trial for September 12.

FINE: A MARSHALL Islands national of Chinese origin was fined $600 yesterday by the Nadi Magistrates Court for transiting 90 pornographic digital video discs through the country. Magistrate Mohammed Ajmer informed the 34-year old accused Junshen that failure to pay the fine would result in him being imprisoned for 30 days. Customs officials seized the DVDs at the Nadi International Airport and forwarded them to censors who deemed the material pornographic in nature. Mr Junshen, who was not represented, said in his defence that the pornographic movies were for his personal use and were to be distributed to family and friends in the Marshall Islands. Mr Junshen was granted bail after surrendering his passport.

LOCKED-UP: Gardner said troopers had multiple contacts with the men after they started hearing about a group of people walking on I-135 before 10 p.m. Gardner said troopers arrested the men at 10:40 p.m. after they again walked in the road on K-4.From Arkansas? Gardner said those arrested were Joklur Joklur, 19; Bobby Jekkar, 23; Paul Atti, 20; Jack Atti, 17; Alvescino Heine, 19; Franklin Naisher, 21; and Roger Jubjuln, 20. Sheriff Glen Kochanowski said the sheriff's office provided a transport van to pick up the men, who he said were from the Marshall Islands, a Micronesian nation in the Pacific Ocean. Most of them gave addresses in Springdale, Ark., when booked into the Saline County Jail.

RELEASED: Seven Marshall Island natives living in Arkansas and who had been locked up for seven days in the Saline County Jail left for their home in Springdale, Ark.,on Thursday morning aboard a van provided by Revolution Church, 1111 W. South. That someone was church member and trustee Mike McConnell, who worked for three years at the U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll Reagan Missile Test Site there. Each had unpaid $98 fines, and the Rev. Steve Kmetz, mission executive director, offered to let them perform some community service at the Mission as a way to work off the fines, that is, if they didn't mind waiting a few days. They did. With affirmative nods, they indicated that $98 was a small price to pay to avoid spending another day in Kansas.Kmetz and McConnell sternly warned them of the trouble ahead if they failed to pay the fines.

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