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The Marshall Islands has very few children's books written in Marshallese. Now, with help of an online publishing business, in collaboration with the educational non-profit WorldTeach, the students of this small Pacific nation will see their own stories printed and published.

The Unbound Bookmaker Project, launched in May, plans to distribute the printed books to 900 students in the Marshalls, while also making the books available to the general public for purchase.

Last month, the pilot program was conducted at the Majuro Cooperative School on Majuro Atoll with Mr. Waisake Savu's fourth grade class. The stories were first published at the Unbound Bookmaker's website.

A compilation of their stories, The Important Book about Majuro, is scheduled for release at Amazon by June 30, according to Jamie Zvirzdin, Unbound Bookmaker's creator and managing editor.

The program continues during the 2012-2013 school year with each of thirty WorldTeach volunteers helping approximately thirty students write, illustrate, and produce thirty class books to be published in both English and Marshallese.

The project needs paper, colored pencils, and funds for publishing, printing, and shipping.

A donation of $16 will sponsor one child's work, while $480 will sponsor an entire class book for 30 children, including supplies, publishing costs, buying the book, and shipping costs. The donations can be made through a special World Teach donation page.

"This is a great chance for many Marshallese families living in America and elsewhere to support the children of their homeland," Zvirzdin said.

"We're going to let the world know more about the Marshall Islands!"

- Yokwe Online, June 13, 2012

For more information – The Unbound Bookmaker Project [1]

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