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Women United Together Marshall Islands (WUTMI) announces a job opening of Executive Director/Advisor for its grassroots organization networking and reaching out to individual women organization throughout the 24 major communities within the Republic.

Post Title: Executive Director/Advisor
Appointed by: Executive Committee
Reports to: Executive Committee
Salary: To be set by Executive Committee

General Description:
The Executive Director/Adivsor provides technical, management, and/or developmental advice to the Executive Committee and the project managers in the various aspects of NGO capacity building, office and project management, and in planning and the evaluation of activities as required by the Executive Committee and/or the various projects.

Specific Duties for the Existing Projects:
1.    Assists the Chairperson of the Advisory Councils in the development of agenda items
2.    Report to the WUTMI Executive Committee on the implementation of the respective projects
3.    Assists project staff in the implementation of the various aspects of the respective projects
4.    Reviews progress of projects and recommends changes as necessary
5.    Assists in the writing of reports as required by the respective projects

Duties for WUTMI General Business:
1.    Assists the Executive Committee in the development, implementation and/or review of policies
2.    Conducts research for the appropriate literature and resources for WUTMI’s use
3.    Assists the Executive Committee in the review of bi-annual conference recommendations
4.    Provides support to the WUTMI Office Manager in securing resources for WUTMI
5.    Networks with national, regional and international agencies in serach of support for WUTMI
6.    Assists in public relations to promote the endeavours of WUTMI and secure the support of the community toward WUTMI’s efforts.

Minimum B.A. degree with relevant work experience in management, project implementation/review and women related projects/activities.
Expectations: Committed and dedicated person who believes in the objectives of WUTMI itself.

1.    Acts as a role model
2.    In partnership with the WUTMI President to implement policies
3.    Serves as an advocate for all women

Direction & Leadership
1.    Works in partnership with the WUTMI President
2.    Supports the Executive Committee
3.    Sets goals
4.    Manage and monitor all activities relating to current projects
5.    Manage the day to day operations

1.    Seeks legal advice when needed
2.    Hires and directs staff
3.    Assesses staff performance
4.    Develop and execute fund sources
5.    Sound fiscal control
6.    Grant report submissions

For interested applicants, submit application, cover letter, and resume to the WUTMI office or email. An application can be picked up at the WUTMI office located on the 2nd floor of the Payless Supermarket complex in Delap. For more information, please contact Miram deBrum or Mona Levy-Strauss at WUTMI.  Email:

DOWNLOAD announcement [1] with further contact information.

Deadline for submission: Friday April 13, 2012

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