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    Alright someone correct me if i'm wrong. I heard from very reliable sources that of the 6 absentee ballots------ 4 of them were votes for Katsuo and the remaining 2 were for Iroij Chris. I heard Katsuo's votes were accepted and added onto his total votes, but Iroij Chris's votes were not accepted and therefore not added onto his total votes. I believe this is the reason for the lawsuit. Due to unfairness in the counting of the ballots. Once again, I would like to remind us all that the sources I have are very reliable or creditable.

    Kib Jen Lan

    -------for my fellow ailinglaplap citizens----------------------
    "Don't Bite the Hand that feeds you or that hand will slap your right across the face."
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    [Edited on 16/12/2003 by (KibJenL@n)]
  • I am totally sided with you. I grew up ilo woja, aelonlaplap and everything that you've just said are true about the environment en ilo aelonlaplap. Ejjanin lon wonmanlok ie im ejjap bwe in drike Christopher Loeak im Ruben Zachrias ako as far as i know, there hasn't been anything nice that i've seen from their works. WE the people have the marshall islands also the people from the aelonlaplap have forgotten about the important of the nitijela or the government. WE mostly chose the iroij because we feel as if we're doing the right thing. What about the sake of the government and it's people? Where do they go? Don't we want a better government and better judgement or do we really have to believe in choosing others just because of their titles in the islands or for the better and the worse.

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  • Kibjanlan,

    Yokwe and Merry Christmas to you too, ak as you were mentioning about the votes counted for the two candiated. Let me tell you this, i know four years ago was a hard working years ibben rein Rubon im Kasuo. im imaron in ke jela ta emman im wonmanlok eo an ailin in Ailinglaplap??? kab ta eo jej loe ke ellikun in emman lok ilo ailin in??? ijab loe ta emman lok eo ilo ailin in, ke iar bed ilo last month, the school were poor im clinic eo ej ebed bar lo menin poor, airport eo e, ekwe, i call that very very poor! you don't wanna landed on the airport or your window gonna hit by the rock, rej ejekadkad waj kan balun eo. NO WAY, not for the tourisium, ke etan ear ba?? No water, ejelok men en komaron in loe an emman im kenono ken ailon in. Ij bar from the island, ak sometime ij noje ke ij jen ailon in, ken wot an ejelok men ej wonmanlok ie, so what??? jen kelet Christopher Loeak bwe jejela ke enaj wor oktak emman lok enaj komane, innem konaj loe an lon lok rijeko jet renaj etal nan, the island is more beautiful and greenful for other people to visit and seeeeeeeeeeeee. KELET CHRISTOPHER LOEAK.

    Menin wot.

    lehasi :cool:
  • KibJenL@n

    Aolep men kane kwoj ron, ekwe riab. Einwot juon eo im elap an jela kon bonbon eo an Ailinglaplap, ekwe Tie in an Kazuo im Chris rar baj tie wot elikon bone aolep ailon ekoba postal, ak ilo ran eo eliktata me rar reveiw vote ko an Ailinglaplap kon vote ko 5 rar jako jen Ruben im Kazuo ko im aolep poll watcher ro jen both parties rar lo ke ebod an electoral officer ro jerbali. Ilo eja ran in reveiw eo wot, rar call tok jen 65Majuro im kenanik Chief Hemly Benjimen ke ewor 2 claim votes iloan box eo an Enebin Ward im Chief eo ear ba ke kem ej aikuij in wanmanlok wot im bwin ak rolak kebeloke box eo ejab 2 ballot eo iloan ak 7 ballots. Electoral ro rar bar bok 1 hour non aer bar etali im uak eo an Cheif Benjimen ear ba ke ej reject i ballots ko 6 bwe ejelok et(name) ie im bareinwot ejelok Ward bwe rar jab itok ilo envelop ak ballot ko wot im ebin an Electoral offer ro nej verify ki ballot kein ba kaki. Elak bed wot juon ballots bwe ekar eman bwe ear itok ilo envelop, botab relak ton bwone armej eo ilo ballot eo ejab ri-vote im Ailinglaplap bwe etan ebed ilo Majuro. Im lukun unin an koman bwe en lakar bed bonbon kein ilo Tie score 544 to 544 and Ruben sitill leading with 754.

    Ilo wot Kauteij Laubele
  • Merry XMas non Aolep

    Non aolep ri-Ailinglaplap ro belakin lalin, ekwe jen jar wot kon ro im renaj tel kej ilo term in jerbal in bwe Anij en letok ro im renej jerbal non kij ilo mol?

    Happy New Year
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