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  • Announcement to Southern California Marshallese:

    KOJELA...Honorable Ambassador Charles Paul ilo an lo tok juk2nbed ie kein ad ilo San Diego im Orange County ilo weekend in kio.

    Enaaj lolok mokta juk2nbed en ilo San Diego ilo jibbonin in Saturday, August 4, 2012.

    Im naaj konan ioon jaar ka ilo Orange County ilo naaj jotenin Saturday, August 4, 2012. Jikin eo enaaj kommane kwelok in ippan armij in Orange County ej ilo Presbyterian Church of the Covenant, 2850 Fairview Rd., Costa Mesa, CA. 92626.

    Jouj im likiti tel. # in arro ne ewor kajitok ikijen jaberwot; (714)805-4447. Komol tata!
    -Taraur Ria

    "Promoting more information disclosure by the public service, rather than secrecy which may allow corruption to be hidden" - from Nitijela UN Workshop Outcomes Statement, Feb. 17, 2011
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