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  • From a recent blog by an American resident on Majuro:

    QuoteI went down to the local telephone company on October 3 and paid my $69 for installation of DSL at 256 speed for our house. The girl at the counter said that installation would probably be the following week but they would call before coming out. So we waited two weeks and when nobody called or showed up at the house I went back to the phone company. The counter girl checked on my installation and she was told that billing had not finished with the paperwork and they would be out the following week. So we waited another week, and you probably guessed they didn’t show up. Now it’s been over a month and I’m starting to lose my sense of humor over the whole thing. So I call again and this time they tell me that they will be out on Friday.

    Now Friday. . .I was on my way home by 1:00 PM so I wouldn’t miss our internet installation. I called the phone company and they said they would be out in about half an hour. I waited over on hour and then got a call from the phone guy who said they had run into a problem and would not be able to make it but would be out on Saturday. I told them great because I knew Becky would be home all day.

    Saturday was the monthly fishing tournament and I was at Ronnie’s boat at 6:00 am. . . . When I got home I was not surprised to find out the phone company had not shown up.

    I contacted the phone company on Monday and they didn’t know why no one had been there but scheduled me for first thing Thursday morning (they only do installs on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). Thursday came and went and this morning I called again. I was told they were having some problems and said they would be out on Saturday. So I’ll wait and see what happens tomorrow. But the house is clean and I’ve got a good book and a new X-Box game so I’ll just have to wait it out.

    Clearly the person blogging about all the above is not that upset. . .the implication being its Majuro. . .its Marshallese. You pay your money to an RMI government-run enterprise and maybe you get what you pay for, eventually. After all, it’s the Marshall Islands, you cannot and should not expect more. If you raise a ruckus, you are being “culturally insensitive.”

    Until Marshallese themselves begin to raise a ruckus and expect more – demand more – from their government and from any and all service providers, development in the RMI will not happen, tourism will not happen, significant outside investment will not happen. That may be no big deal now (just a continuation of long-term lack of progress) but if the US starts to control / limit "temporary" migration to the US (leading to even more unemployment and more desperate families seeking any income from any source), if the US truly ends financial grants in Year 2023 (leading to government lay-offs and even more people needing jobs and income), then the lack of development will start to cause real, severe pain.

    Volunteers and others who travel to the RMI to work while seeking an “island experience” for a year or two may find all this acceptable and bemusing but anyone who might consider investing in the RMI will read about it, or experience this type of response first hand, and go somewhere else.

    “I hope the signing of the LUA (Land Use Agreement) allows the Government of the Marshall Islands more time to focus on the biggest issues it faces – how to raise the level of education and health of the Marshallese people and how to create an economy that will be stable after direct US funding ends in 2023.”
    US Ambassador to the Marshall Islands Martha Campbell, as quoted by MI Journal, 13 May 2011, pg 4
  • There's no difference here in the U.S. They are told to show up at certain hour and guess what, they show up 2-3 hrs later. This event could be an important meeting or just birthday party nothing starts at the time appointed. It's embarrasing when you have non-Marsalllese aquintance involve in the meeting or are invited to a gathering. What's more embarrasing is when they ask if they could leave.

    "God, our Father, has entrusted precious little ones to our earthly care. To them may we teach prayer, inspire faith, live truth, and honor God. Then we shall have heavenly homes and forever families. For what higher gift could we wish? For what greater blessing could we pray? None!"
    Thomas S. Monson, President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Matthew 7:15 "Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves." Jesus Christ
  • Sad story and poor customer service.
    This person deserves a free month of service.
  • You deserve a free installation and a free 5 months of service.
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