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  • about starting from the man from Ratak who came and married the lady land owner and then strangely became the Alap? The man was Lebje himself from Maloelap. Insted of Alap Matlina, the secret paper work during the TT times made it alap Lebje. The work of family member like Jally Bolkeim, Eli Malolo, Davis Lemari, and those others working with the TTPI secretly brought about the change from Lebje's wife Matlina, to the man from ratak, Lebje. At least that is what I heard.
  • Thanks larose for the info, barefoot, your statement is interesting. So you're saying, Lebje is not the real alap? than who is the rightful alap today? I'm bit more interested in the business and how it runs. I've invested in a similar company just like ALRO, I'm looking into investing a portion in this business as a way of contributing to my family and friends on EBEJE. Where can I get the full detail history of this company, who did really signed the first contract or the initial leasing agreements.
  • Ribokmelel, I'd advise that you thoroughly investigate the root of this company before you invest into it, unless you are part of the Lebeje family. As I said before, Lebje is from Maloelap. He came and married the owner of the land Matlina. They had children and descendants together, some of whom happened to work with the Trust Territory government where they secretly change ownership of the lands to the man from ratak, Lebeje. Without that change, then the name "Lebeje" would not be the alap.
  • ALRO-Formerly known as RIAN KAN, founder eo ej Hermios Kibin. Lellab eo jinen founder eo ar konan include i aolep siblings(Lemari & Neimako's kids) ro an im ro nejeir bwe en wor bwinbwoni ir ilo business in. Ijjab melele etke ar tan "LEBJE".
  • the one with the check book is the owner of ALRO, I am sorry.

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