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    KABINMETO WON not ERKUB: ERKUP is 2-2 and Kabinmeto is 1-3: Jolok bwod ipen aolep.

    Ikijen Volleyball ko Rainin enaj Jaluit ippen Majuro.

    1. Stantion Ivan: (Wotje); Shooting Guard and Power Forward:
    2. Andy Andrew: (Jabot) Center,Point Guard and Power Forward
    3. Nolan Hiram: (Likep): Shooting Guard and Small Forward
    4. Fredy: (Wotje): Point Guard
    5.Bryant; (Arno I): Point Guard!
  • FRIDAY JULY 06,2012: SCORE and High Lights! ARNO II Demolished NAMIDIK!

    Roger of Arno Played like Jason Kid...rebound,assists and break away play;;he leed his team with 13 points..majority of his actions driven isloated to the hoop..his Partner Arno leading Score in a Game...Joe Dumar or JoeMar Delphino Dela Cruz also contributed 11 points;;"Kurkur" ak Lakurkur a new recruit to Team Arno,,Transfered from Brokenbow Local Team come up with 5 points..Arno another new big man inside aka Uncle Sam;;was very vital to Guard the Red Zone..given hard time to the quickest Players in the League in Namdik..Janer Lorning,Richie Tarkij,Yukio Ben,,and Johnston Peter to enter the red zone;;Lossing Team Namidik led by Janer Lorninij 10 points and each Partner Mearl 10; Josten 6;;
    Congrulation to both Team especially Team Arno: Arno: 3-2 Namidik 2-3:

    Congrulation to another Participant to the 3 point Contest during the half time of the Ralik/Ratak Hoopla Shoot Out All Stars on July 21,2012 at Youth Center at 4pm: MARAL of Namidik...will join: KALIMART(Jaluit), BLUE( Jabot), DAVINSON (Likiep): 6 more we need! Happy Nice weekend;;Aolep Game rej Cancel today bwe jej kobalok lo makitkit ko an Namidik JD!
  • Ralik/Ratak Hoopla Shoot out will be announce The 30 All Stars from Ratak and Ralik this coming Wednesday July 11,2012! Komol.
  • ARNO I (2-1) vs Wotje (4-0);;5 games of the Season for Wotje and 4 Games for Arno I:

    ARNO I almost gave Wotje a First loose of the Season,,3 of the First Team all Hoopla faced each other,,,Arno Bryant in the first half was on fire ..put the baby nearly 90 percent from the 3 point terotory...set the new record by made 4 straight 3 points..he nearly give his 2 first team all hoopla counterparts in STANTON IVAN and FREDY "KILEP"..the most Tears of the Tournment..led his team with 13 points..and in the First half Arno led by 13 points;;;but in the second half it was all Wotje..used their 2 First Team all made a huge Comback;;;2 steals and breakway play by Fredy on the Coast to Coast;;made it close to 4 points in different;;;but Arno Bukko;;was also the microwave made 3 field wide the difference;;;Unfortunely for was prove by Wotje and Captain of the Ratak All Stars..Stanton Ivan..That no one can;t KOJERE WOTJE! An jejjo wot. as a Result: Wotje: 5-0 before all Stars Game and Arno: 2-2: Thank you all! That Game played on July 10,2012.
  • Up to date between Likiep: 4-1 and Erkup 2-3( Through out game 5 each)!;;Likiep over Erkup!

    One of the Participant during Ralik/Ratak Hoopla Shoot Out All Star Game in the halft time..and 3 point contest Davinsion of Likiep;;led Likiep with 12 points;;all from behind the arc..most notable all basket he put all dial from long distance..long range..all in..notthin but the bottom of the net;;Likiep was behind majority of the Game..but it was Davinson who saved them..Likiep leading Scorer and All Hoopla Nolan Hiram..was bench 80 percent of the game but..he also come up with 6 points;;all easy lay of..including a tough field he made it to end the game..with a foul shot and a 3 point opportunity play;;Likiep was Scare all of the times..but their super star Nolan Hiram did it one more time;;when the game was down to the wire; Loosing Team Erkup led by Tomeing;;23 points matching the second score in a single game that was set by Wotje Super Star Stanton Ivan 23;;2 points shy of the record Nolan Hiram of Likep put..25;;Daniel was also put more number on the score Board 8 points;;;Good Game anyway Likiep is 4-1;;tied for second on the winning columm to Jabot 4-1;
  • Up to Date on the game played Yesterday 07/12/2012: A "DAY" before the FRIDAY The 13TH!''Kavinmeto over Majuro;;

    A money shot by The Kavinmeto Player..from behind the Arc;;end the Game;;It was the shot of the nite!
    KABINMETO: 2-3 and Majuro: 2-3: before the All Star Game!

    Congrulation to 2012 "RATAK ALL STARS" for the Ralik/Ratak Hoopla Shoot Out 2012,Springdale,AR on Saturday July 21,2012,Youth Center between 4pm-10pm: It is my honor and Privilage to announce to You one behalf of all."RALIK/RATAK HOOPLA SHOOT OUT;;Refrees; (Chief Refree: Joseph), Score Keepers and The Fans the 2012 RATAK ALL STARS! Ladies and Gentlemen! Here are your Ratak All Stars!

    1. STANTON IBAN: (Starter): Wotje: 5-0: Ratak Team Captain:
    2. Fredy "Kilep The Big" Abbiang: (Starter) Wotje: 5-0:
    3. Nolan Hiram: (Starter): Likep: 4-1
    4.Alex J.Bing: (Starter): Likep: 4-1
    5.Bryan Gideon: (Starter): Arno: (2-2)

    And The Reserve are:
    6.Rodray: Likiep
    7.Daniel Tomeing: Erkup
    8.Tomeing Tomeing: Erkup:
    9.Michael: Majuro
    10: Josen "Kijidik: Majuro
    11; Jomar Delpno Dela Cruz: Arno II
    12: Roger: Arno II
    13;JR Mike Gage: Likiep
    14: Junjun: Arno II
    15:Derrick: Wotje: Bar Juon alen Jereman waj im color eo an Ratak enaj Orange! ne kwoj Fan nan Ratak Team;;ekwe jouij im Proud to be Ratak Color im itok im aloje;;Likao rein nejid im jaar jaje ke er bar mokade;;;Ebar lon lok ak ilo tore in jej kak kurki mokta 15;;im kwalok nan kom:

  • Congrulation Again to the 2012 3 point Participants during the Half of the Ralik/Ratak Hoopla Shoot out All Stars and the following Are:

    1.KEVINSION ADDE:( Likiep)
    2.Blue: Jabot
    3.Kalimart: Jaluit:
    4.Willis Zackarias: Majuro
    5.Jomar Delpino Dela Cruz: Arno II
    6.Langbilik: Kabinmeto
    7.Richie Tarkij: Namidik
    8. Rodney Mckay: Namidik:The 3 points contest is sponsor by "RIMAJOL.COM.

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  • IN Addition to the 3 points contest and sponsored by Ri Majol.Com...Pat of Likiep and James of Kabinmeto;;Alternative in case someone will sick or Utamwe ko jet: Andy Andrew of Jabot,and Kurkur "Paul Pierace" of Arno II.

    With Likiep behind the best record in the league(WOTJE: 5-0),,Likiep :4-1: Brutty of Likiep is another Stars to the Ratak all Stars.As for Arno II and Kwajalein did not Play Yesterday;;Arno II have only one Star ( Bryan Gideon and one of the Starter in Ratak Roster): One more Star from Arno II to fill out the 18 complete roster from each chain;;but we are awaiting for the ARNO II/ KWAJ Match up on Monday July16,2012: Deo Langkio of Majuro is the number 17 Player put on the Ratak All Star Team;;;Kojela nan aolep Rikurre rein bwe Ratak ej ORANGE Color;;boktok;;Size ko ami..kab number ko ami with 10 dollars..T-Shirt rej order tok jen Missouri,Neoshio..Jouij im mokaj..bwe en wor ien komani nuknuk kien;;Telphone number eo ne: 479-301-3620; Emmol aolep!

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  • And Now are you ready to rumble?;This is about Your RALIK ALL STARS,Captain by ANDY ANDREW of Jabot (4-1) and 2012 MVP,Midwest Mayday in Springdale,AR and Of Course, Member of the Team (Youngester) who ended the Dynasty of Best Team in The Midwest;;Team Bako of Texas! and let me indroduce you the THE RALIK ALL STARS! among the 17 atolls and Islands in the Ralik Chain only 5 from Ralik: KWAJ,JAL,JABOT,NDK and K_METOS;;Participated in the League: Your Stars are:

    1; ANDY ANDREW: Jabot: 5-0: Starters
    2.Janer Lornennij: Namidik: 2-3: Starter
    3.Thompy Alik: Jaluit:Starter
    4.Dillion: Jabot: 5-0: Starter
    5.Josten Peter: Namidik: Starter

    Reserves are:
    1.Jonjon: Jabot
    4.Yukio Ben:Namidik
    5.Kalimart Jello:Jaluit
    6.Jien Langbon:Jaluit
    9.Regie Tarkij:Namidik
    10:Rodney :Mckay: Namdik

    As for now;;KWAJ Team need to Play Arno II on monday for the data collection or the outcome of the Game! Bar Juon alen ilo etan Rein rej komane League in im All Stars in lewaj Jereman nan Team RALIK!..mottan 3 All Stars nan Ralik Roster..jej kottar wot KWAJ/ARNO Battle!;;Ralik: Blue;;Order ak boktok 10 jen Mizzou im rej order T-Shirts kien renaj bed Springdale Rainin;;Call tok nan melele ko rellap:

    Special Kamolol nan : Rimajol.COM: kin aer komane Award eo an 3 Point Contest in barenwot Oregon Marshallese Community kin aer bar Sponsor e;;Tok award eo an MVP eo an All Stars: Kamolol aolep Fans ro an Ralik/Ratak Hoopla Shoot Out;;Kamolol jen Kim ro im rej bok eddo in League in:Ejelok juon en jako jen Kamolol in:


    July 21,2012:
    Location: Youth Center,Springdale AR
    Time: 4pm-10pm;

    4pm: Door Open
    US and RMI National Anthem
    Indroduction to The All Stars
    Message: From RMI Consulate
    Kautwutwut: All Stars:
    Half Time 3 points Contest: Rimajol.Com) and Namdik Alele Performs: Jibaru!

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    Thursday July 19,2012:

    Ladies and Gentlemen! For the First Time in the History of Ralik/Ratak Tournment;;All Stars will be Take Place: Thank GOD for this Event and Everythings: And This is The Final List from both Chains!

    AND, Captain of The Ratak Team will be STANTON IBAN of Team WOTJE (5-0),,Only Team that is Undefeated in the Tournment,,Under his Command,On the Board with him...
    1;Fredy "Laikilep" Abbiang and Derrick out of WOTJE, Nolan Hiram,Fruitty Capille,Bobby Gage and Rodray Represent LIKIEP ,Daniel Tomeing and Tomeing Tomeing of ERKUP,Michael,Josen "Kijidik" and Deio Langkio of Majuro..including in the Mix..JoeMar D.Pena, JunJun and Roger From Team Arno II and Starter Bryan Gideon of Arno I;;;YOUR COLOR FOR SATURDAY JULY 21,2012 is "ORANGE".

    And Now Team RALIK will be CAPTAIN: By Andy Andrew of( Jabot: 4-1)

    On the Ship with Him;
    Thommy Alik ,Kalimart Jello, Benilly and Makku from JALUIT ATOLL..Punch of JABOT Players made it to All Stars..Jonjon,Blue,Dusty,Fletcher and Dillion out of JABOT..Yukio Benjamin,Rodney Mckay,Josten Peter,Janer Lorenij and Reggie Tarkij..Represent NAMIDIK...Again RALIK CHAIN COLOR is BLUE!

    For the 3 Points Contest Following are:
    1.Kveinsion,Blue,Kalimart,Willis Zackarias,Jomar,Cory of Likiep,Ben of Majuro, Richie Tarkij,Rodney Mckay,Andy of Jabot and Tomeing Tomeing of Erkup!

    Jereman aolep! Among 153 Ralik/Ratak Hoppla Shoot Out Participants only Few selected to All Star Game!
  • RALIK/RATAK HOOPLA SHOOT OUT ALL STARS PREGAME PRIOR TO THE GAME ON SATURDAY JUNE 21,2012 5 PM..Midwest Time! UP to Date of Yesterday Game between these 2 Chains: RALIK over RATAK. shot made by Ralik All Stars Captain..Andy Andrew of Jabot! Game played on Thursday July 19, the Outlet Court Yard in at Jones Center!

    Captain Andy was handling the Ball..when the "Game Ball" was down to the wire..Namdik Local Product Reggie Tarkij..passed the Baby to Andy..when he easly take the BABY to the House..No big man from Ratak to defend the Box..Game over Ralik Won!
    led Ralik in the Pregame:
    1.Andy 6
    2.Junjun 6
    3.Richie 6
    4.Fletcher 4
    5Janer 4,Josten 4
    6.Nickloas 4
    All other 2.
    Led the Ratak and loosing Team :
    1.Freedy Lakilep: 7
    2.Sander 7
    3.Aex 4
    4.Rodray 4
    5.Stanton 3

    Remind All: Saturday is the Real Game! Kememej: lale Color ko;Blue :Ralik and Orange: Ratak!
  • UP TO DATE and Adjustments!

    Breaking News: Captain of the Ratak Team and Ralik/Ratak Hoopla Offensive Weapon ;STANTON IBAN will not be in The All Stars Game this Coming Saturday..along with 2 other Stars from Ratak..also Stanton's Cousins..Tomeing Tomeing and Daniel Tomeing from Erkup..They will be Off State!;;However;;with only Team Wotje best in the Standing and 5-0;;By Committee..FREDY "LAKILEP" ABBIANG will replace STANTON IBAN to be a CAPTAIN TO RATAK TEAM..Freddy RESUME;;is no doubt..Clear Cut..he was Teammate with Andy Andrew..when they both stole the Tittle from Team Bako of Texas and only the lost for Team Bako in the History of Midwest Basketball..Rumor revealed that HE,Andy and Stanton may be on a flight to Majuro for RMI Olympic Team;;So his RESUME is Legit to be a Captain;;With absent of the 3 Ratak All Stars;;The REPLACEMENTS ARE:
    1.Pat of Likiep
    2.Sander of Majuro
    3.Bukko of Arno I
    Congrulation to You and Very well Trip to Stanton,Daniel and Tomeing..Hope You will return home with a Trophy!

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