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  • Up to of the Game Yesterday 6/22/2012; Likiep/Majuro Continue from 6/21/2012 follow by Likep II vs Kabinmeto!

    Second half of Likiep I/Majuro Game:
    Ben led his Team Majuro with 8 points;;and Majuro got its first win of the Season,Joel and Peterson got 6 points;;Team Likiep I(0-2) led byEric 11 and Micha 6 and Bilson got 6 points;

    Second Game between Likep II: (2--0) im Kabinmeto: (0-2); Jabot Free Agent Nolan entered his 3rd game of the season(2 with Jabot and 1 with LikiepII) and set the new record by Breaking Stantion Ivan of Wotje (23points in a game)and made 25 points;;follow by Fruity 6 points and 5 from another Free Agent from Kwajelein in Kevinsion;Kavinmeto led by Jack 8 Points;
  • RALIK/RATAK HOOPLA SHOOT OUT: Top 2 in Total Scoring and Average with their Team 2--0!
    Nolan-LIKIEP II------8---------25= 33/2games= Average 16.50
    Stantion Ivan: Wotje--23------12= 35/2games=Average 17.50:

    Nolan= Ist in Scoring in a single game
    Stantion Ivan= Ist in Total Score and Ist in Average: Game 3 nan aolep Team: Rebound enaj jino Record!
  • Up to Date for the Game on June 25,2012:Jaluit/Namidik 2

    Jaluit led by BOKNAKE LOCAL PRODUCT Thompy Alik (21 points) follow by Jien Langbon 8;;Jaluit is now 2-1 and Namidik 2 also 2-1;;;Namidik led by his leading Scorer in Richie Tarkij (11),Yokui Benjamin and Slay Eminum 7 each;;

    Second game not Completed;;will be Continue second Half;;Jabot 2-0 vs Wotje 2-0: Match up of the 2 of The Ralik/Ratak Hoopla Shoot Out Super Star;;Andy Andrew (Jabot) and MVP of the May 2012;;;Officially announced and award the MVP award on June 23,2012 at the Final Game between Pittburgh Kansas and Youngster Arkansas;;The Game Featuring 2 tittle given to Team Youngster in May Day History in the Sate of Arkansas;Also another best Player in The Hoopla Tournment;;Stantion Ivan 1st in Total Score through 2 Games 35 and First in Average 17.50 and Second in scoring in a single game behind Noland of Team Likiep;;;The first Half half is like a zig zag and it was very fun to watch;;Of that so Far it was a different Story,Ralik/Ratak Hoopla Chief Public Announcer;;;Blue of Jabot led all Score 12 points including 2 back to back Fg from Town Town;;So be there for the second half;;it will be comtinue at about 6:30 Pm;
  • To All Marshallese kids did not learn Marshallese Georgraphy or History Classes!RALIK/RATAK Mean:

    RATAK"--Islands or Atolls located in the Eastern part of the Marshall Islands;;( SUNSET SITE)
    4.Majuro:(Capital City)
    5.Aur: ( Border line to the Northest of Marshall:City who Protect and Defend our Nation from any foreign Ship)
    6.Maloelap:( Bigest Ocean inside Lagoon Site)
    7.Wotje: Land of Water Mellon and a New Govermental High School)
    8.Ailuk:Land Of Opportunity:: I see, I look;;Konaj lo elon Jereman
    9.Utrok: Elikun Tang ni in Jakro ko ie:(Don;t Know how do Translate Jakaro)
    10..Likiep: (Catholoic are domnited)
    11. Erkub:;Land of Wild Animal;;Majority Turttle on the beach!
    12.Jemo: Land of Bird and Turrtle
    13.Bikar: know Idea
    14.Toka: Know Idea
    15: Mejit: Island close to Economic Zone of Hawaii!; They are Call RATAK;;;Ratak will be post Tomorow!: ne elon Kajitok Lale Goggle.
  • RALIK 2 morrow
  • Up to Date of the Game between Arni I and Kabinmeto: Arno Won The Game:

    Arno 3 Offensive Weapon in..Nickloas,,Bukko and Junior each got 9 points to led their Team beat Kabinmeto;;Follow by Brian 5 points and jonjon 4 points;;Kabinmeto led by Whiter 12 points: Arno 2-1: Kabinmeto 0-3!

    On the Second Game and Continue of the Second half of The Jabot/Wotje;;Featuring 2 of the Ralik/Ratak Hoopla Shoot Out Super Star in Andy Andrew (Jabot) and Stantion Ivan (Wotje);;It was maybe the Physical Game ever in the Tournment and very fun to Watch;;Andy Andrew Karl Malone Type Guy;;Play like Magic Johnson;;The Bigest Point Guard in The Tournment;;tried his best and majority of his penerate;;was Curtain by another Big new Recruit Wotje Giant in The Middle;;Wotje Stantion Ivan The Ralik/Ratak Hoopla leader in Point Average 17.50 led his Team with 12 points,follow by Tomeing 10 points and Kilep 9 points;; Jabot point Guard Blue set the new record in 3 points by made 4 all from behind the Arc;;he got 17 points;;follow by Andy 15;;Jabot almost Finish The Game;;but Ivan Stole The Ball and Take it to The Hoop;;and made a 2 points with a Foul Call and 3 Points Opportunity;;and he Made the Free Throw: Wotje led the Standing 3-0 and Jabot:2-1:

    Wotje: 3-0: Beat: Jaluit,Arno II and Jaluit:
    Jabot: 2-1 Beat: Namidik I,Nadikdik and lost to Wotje
    Jaluit: 2-1 Beat: Arno I,Namidik 2 and Lost to Wotje
    Likiep: 2-0: Beat:Majuro,Kabinmeto:
    Namidik II: 2-1: Beat Kwaj,Kabinmeto lost to Jaluit
    Arno I: 2-1:Beat Likiep I,Kabinmeto and lost to Jaluit
    Arno II: 1-1:Beat Erkub and lost to Wotje
    Majuro:1-1:Beat Likiep I and lost Likiep II
    Likiep I:0-2: lost to Majuro and Arno I
    Kabinmeto: 0-3: lost to Namidik II,Likiep II im Arno I
    Kwajalein:0-2: lost to Namidik and Jabot; Jabot got 4 game already??????ak jenaj bar likun lale:
    Erkub: 1-1: lost Arno II but win over Nadikdik by Forfeit:
  • WOTJE: Beat Jaluit,Arno II and JABOT!
  • UP to Date of Arno II vs Likiep II: 6/27/2012 Wednesday!

    Likiep join Wotje as only 2 remaining undefeated Teams both start with 3-0: Likep played without their Super Star and Their leading Scorer ( Nolan; 16.50 average and led the points in scoring in a single game 25;But his Team mate Alex filled his shoes and led Likiep all da Way;;Team Arno II is now 1-2: Arno Scoring Sheet is not avilable to comments:

    In other related Sports..Volleyball for Girl already Started the outside Volley net near Hoopla Court Sites;;Majuro and Wotje alreadt completed the first Set;;Sabina,Caroline,Brook and Elina..all made good services for their team Wotje;;Wotje won the first set;;15-12: Today they will continue:
  • And After the Game 6 for each Team Completed;;The Director of The Hoopla Shoot out along with the Refrees,Scoree Keepers ,The Public Announcer,The Coaches and the Fans;;we will Selected The Ralik/Ratak Hoopla Shoot Out All Stars: 15 Players for Each Chains. The All Star Game for the Hoopla will be in Full Uniform; We wait for the T-Shirts so Far:
  • Up to Date on Game Played on Thursday 6/28/2012!

    Erkup over KWAJ: Erkup led by Cory 12 points follow by Tomeing 10;;Loosing Team KWAJ (0-3) led by both Weader and Joel each got 6 points; Erkub 2-1: Kwaj :0-3

    Game Thursday June 28,2012:
    Majuro; (2-1) over Jaluit: (2-2)

    Majuro led by 2 new comers : Ben and Josen both got 8 points follow by Deo 5;Jaluit led by the Scoring Leader in Thompy Alik 16,points follow by his team mate Makku 10 points;

    Likiep 3-0 over ArnoII 1-2:

    Likep still perfect on the Standing Columm and Joining Team Wotje,only 2 remaing undefeated Team in The Ralik/Ratak Hoopla Shoo Out (RRHSO): Game play on Thursday 12/29/2012; This Team are both from The RATAK CHAIN! Up tp date already posted :

    Friday June 29,2012;;only one Game Played; Jabot 2-1/Namidik II 2-1: Another good game;;Best in the Ralik Chain Face to Face in a match up between a Power Team (Jabot) and Quickest Team (Namidik); however Jabot over Namidik: Andy Andrew RMI May Day 2012 (Midwest): MVP;;vs Namidik 3 Amigos and Quickest Guard in The League,Josten, Rodney and Richie;;;all 3 try to Threeple Andy;;;but Andy Teammate Blue was Radar from all Cylinders;;and was on Fire like the Microwave;;Burning Namidik Players with lots of Money Shots;;Indeed..MVP Andy led Team Jabot with 15 points follow by Jan2 10 points: Lossing Team,Namidik led by Josten Peter and Janer Lorening 10 points each and Richie Tarkij 7; Standing so Far in to the Four Game Completed: Jabot: (3-1) Namidik: (2--2):Kakememej aolep bwe emoj an Website eo juon adwoj "RIMAJOL.COM;;kio kobatok im kwalok an monono in bar Up to Date makitki kien: Lelok bar naan in Kamolol;;Ero Yokwe net kin Jerbal kien Remman: Team ko an Leddik lo Volleyball Renaj Continmue Monday: July 2012: In the First set: Majuro over Wotje: 25-22:
  • Up to Date of the Game between 2 best Teams in The Hoopla Shoot Out;;and 2 Team both from EASTERN Chain or RATAK CHAIN;; Wotje 3-0 vs Likiep 3-0: Game Played on July 02,2012: You can call it Game of the Tournment!

    Likep aganist Wotje;; Bazoka vs Watermellon;;STANTION IVAN vs NOLAN HIRAM;;Best vs Best;;Both 3-0;;Did Fan really involve? No doubt! we heard HORN from the Parking lot each Time the ball was in the hoop! Public Announcer Blue,on the Microphone call the Game "Physical";; Wotje leading Score Ivan was unstopple;;Contributing 17 points follow by Kiliep 11 points;Loosing Team Likiep led by his scoring Leader..Mr Hiram Nolan made 13 points,follow by his teammate Kevinsion 3 straight 3 points from top of the keys;;As a Result of the Standing;;only Team Wotje is undefeated 4-0: Likep is 3-1;;joining Team Jabot 3-1: in other Game;;First half of the Arno II and Majuro: Arno lead 22-17;Game ko an Rainin enaj Continue Arno II/Majuro second Half follow by Erkub vs Kabinmeto.

    For up to date of Volleyball Team..Forefit Game;;and Team Wotje won the Game from Team..Majuro;;Team Wotje is Captain by Helina Miline;;one of the best volleyball in the Northwest Ar; Today;;Wotje will play Team KBE!

    7/3/2012: The Volley ball for the Women in Northwest Ark,already started;; Team KBE aka MORIBA..knocked out Team Wotje winning back to back sets;;OPRAH MOTTLANG come up with 17 Service killer;;Record in the volleyball League here in Ar; follow by Carol "Lynn" Alik 5 killers;;Joanna Capelle got 4 "SK"...Wotje almost run away with the second set..but it was Oprah Motlang who domnited from the Begining; Loosing Team Wotje led by Jasmine Marty 7 " SK"..follow by Erica and Elina Miline each got 4 SK;; Set 1: 25-18;KBE and 28-25KBE: Congrulation to both Team elaptata nan KBE!;;Report jen Background Jones Center: No Game on July 4:2012
    Today will be Majuro vs Jaluit:

    Standing on the Volleyball:
    1.KBE: 1--0
    2.Wotje 0---0
    4.Majuro: 0--0
    5.Utrok; 0--0
    6.Ailinglaplap: 0--0
    Ej bellok wot nan Register next week Date line:
  • Up to Date of the RROSO: Arno II over Majuro: Arno Jomar Delpino Cruz led his Team to 2 of his Team victory of the Season 2-2: He got 18 Points..follow by his teamates Roger 5,and junjun 4. Team Majuro come up short;;Team Maj led by Kali and Kilimej;;each got 8 points.Kabinmet loose to Erkub in the Second Game.

    Erkup top Kapinmeto:

    Tomeing was unstopple from all Cylinders;;led his Team with 14 points follow by Edward and Romothy each got 5 points; Loosing Team Kabinmet led by Jack 4 points:

    Current Standing:
    1.Wotje: 4-0
    2.Likiep: 3-1
    3.Jabot: 3-1
    4.Erkup: 3-1
    5.Arno I 2-1
    6.Jaluit: 2-2
    7.Namidik: 2-2
    8.ArnoII: 2-2
    9.Majuro: 2-2
    10.Likiep I: 0-3
    11.Kwaj: 0-4
    12.Kabinmeto: 0-4: All STARS after Game 5.
  • GAME Play on July 5,2012! only one Game Played and Going to 5 Games;;Only Jaluit and Jabot;;already played 5 Games;;They Paid at least 40 dollars to qulify; for round 5:

    Jabot over Jaluit; now on the Standing Columm :Jabot 4-1 and Jaluit: 2-3:

    Jabot Andy Andrew again proved to the Hoopla Fans that why the May Day 2012 Steering Committee selected him among 200 Players why is really The MVP;;In parts he used his big body hustle and drive to the house andled his team over Jaluit Team contributing 11 points and match with his Team mate Dillion 11 points..follow by Fletcher 10 points;; Jaluit Team captain and leader in his Team in Scoring;;Thomphy Alik was also on Fire,led his Team in the 7 points;;just only in the First Half;;He set a new record in the Tournment by Completing a four points Play;;a shot he made from the parking lot...I mean behind the Arc;;His Team Made Kalimart actually led his Team in Tottal of the Game 12 points;

    Other related News: Jaluit Star Thomphy Alik is QUESTIONABLE for any next Game: ANGLE INJURY
    3 Players already selected for RALIK/RATAK ALL STARS GAME Half Time 3 point Contest!
    1.Kalimart: Jaluit
    2.Blue: Jabot
    3.Devinsion: Likiep:
    Mottan wot 7 Players

    All Stars from both Chains: RALIK/RATAK will be pick right after all Team play 5 games: Game will be play at the Youth Center Gym!

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