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  • Up to date for game played on June 7,2009!

    It was a Game between Arno and Ebon..look like a CIVIL WAR GAME..everybody involved..Refrees,Fans Coach,and most notably the Ralik/Ratak Hoopla Shoot Out Director "The JB".Each.Team Players and Fans got mad with the Refrees..Other than that..Arno demolished Ebon 40-39..Shison Yamamura(Arno) and ALWAL Local Product completed 2 Free Throw to End the Game..Arno..JunJun Wase..who was cool of on the first half..Comeback in the second half and lead his team(14 points).OT Kattil..(Auburn,Arno)..Tying the Tournment Record that set by Jaluit Player in Robert Bosin..Grabbing 16 rebounds.

    Team Ebon(loosing team.0-2)..led by Cabriel "Majamu"Bobo (12 points).Ebon Team Owner..Eljen Abo was really upset with the Tournment Personnels because he was not present during the Game..Highlights of the Game...RONNIE "TANGO" Lokot..Entertaing the audiences by dialing a long distance shot from Coast to Coast..That a Shot of The Tournment.

    Today June 8,2009...Takaji Kaneko..Nickloas Bwiro and Majuro will Play. Nico "Jidikkake:Anuntak and Team Likep.
  • JUNE 08,2009!
    Majuro nae Likiep..Salem Oregon..Game in ear koman ilo jonan Degree ne rej bs 68 degree..Ear Jab likun Bwil..Juon iaan ri-Kurre ro jen Majuro(Majuro beat Likiep (40-38)Tekeji Kaneko..nejin Tata Kaneko im Atlain Kaneko ear komona juon record ebar KAAL tok nan Tournment in..Double,Double 10 Points and 15 rebounds..Majority of the MAJURO Players were collection of WASE'S..Majuro Young Gun..Quenzy Lomari led his Team (14 points),Folow by his Team mate..a local meat from KBE..Mr JACOB.13 points.

    Likiep Shooting Guard Mison Capilee led his team by pocketing 15 points.Likiep next Generation Albert Capilee and son of Mearl Capilee did not Participate.

    Next Game will Feature Peter and Ailinglaplap aganist Eddie Lanki of Maloelap or Jaluit New Arrival in Jason "J45" Jokon arguably the best center in the Tournment.
  • New Depelopment!
    Maloelap outmatched Team Jaluit.Cabriel "Mojjamu" ex Ebon Player led his Team with 13 points..Another Record set by Alfred "Red 55"(Maloelap) known as Oregon Center of Attention..Grabbed 19 REBOUNDS breaking Robert Bosin record (18 rebounds).Loosing Team Jaluit got 2 MIA..I mean 2 of the best Players were Missing In Action,Robert Bosin led the tournment in REBOUNDING and Saiel "kidid" Jarom in Scoring.(Both Worked, Swing Shift).Jaluit got 3 top Recruit in David Lang,Jason Jokon and Scottie Jokon..David led Jaluit Team by Tying the Tournment record, 19 Points.Final Score was..MALOELAP 40-Jaluit 37.

    Game ko Rainin enaj koman ikotaan Ratak All Stars and Ralik All Stats...(Junior League). Follow by Peter and Ailinglaplap aganist Robert Anjain and Ronglap. (Senior League).Lijimu Volley enaj bar Continue.
  • Standing so far!
  • Jaluit also got 2 losses joined Team Ebon.
  • Kojela nan aolep..elaptata..ri-kobajot ro im rikadok ro..Jouij im jab Kadok tok nan ijin..elane enaj wor rikadok ak rej bed ilo Tournment in..renaj SUSPEND jen ikurre..Ro rej Kobajet..jouij im bar karon CUSTOMERS ro bwe ren mona im jolok kobej ko aer..ilo niien koboj ko..Rice,Bar B-Q..rejab ekkar nan landing ilo UJOJ Maroro ko..ebwe an ambaak jerbale jen ion Green Grass..Kom Kanoj emmol..Aeenet Kobar emmol..kin Forum in am..ilo ao lale lok..elon lok rej jibarok tok Tournment in bwe elon mej kaal jej loi..Bolen enaj bar lon lok mej kaal nan Forum in barenwot.
  • bar yokwe,

    RED_55 a.k.a Makadre was on the injury list but he was played with mollolep team. he grabbed 19 rebounds and that a new ralik ratok record. consequencely, imagine him he wasn't on the injury list, i think he could make 38 points and more than twenty rebounds. Our ancesters could called him,"Mommaan im Lomeron" type of a guys..
  • Friday Game between Junior League Ralik All Stars and Ratak all Stars took Place..Ralik All Stars beat Ratak All Stars for the first Time..40=34..Jerome "knebb" Capelle of Ralik because of Pinglap Jaluit led his Team with 19 points, set the new record for Junior Players.."MJ"Capelle another Jaluit local Products end the Game.Another Ralik All Stars in Michael Peter one of the quickest Guard in Junior Level and Ailinglaplap Local Fish.contributed 15 points for his Team. Brandon Bo Green (Likiep) led Ratak all Stars with 13 points.

    For the Senior level...Team Mili Show Up but Team Ronglap was MIA..The Ralik Ratak Comittee..Then Selected some Tournment Stars to Challenge Team Mili..Team Mili Collection of Brothers Demolished The All Stars with the score of 41-28..Johnny Jorkan led his team with 15 points and 13 rebounds..Majority of his points were And One Style.The Fans,and the Players include the Members of The Tournment were enjoying the Moments.

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  • After 2nd Game for all Teams..On The Big Board!

    1.Alfred Moses--(Maloelap)Rebounding 19.
    2.Kidid Jarom---(Jaluit)Scoring 19
    3.Robert Bosin--(Jaluit)Rebounding 18
    4.Takeji Kaneko-(Majuro)Double,Double 14 Points and 10 rebounds
    5.Johnny Jorkan--(Mili)Double,Double 15 points and 13 rebounds
    6.O.T. Kattil--(Arno) 17 points
    7.Peter Pagala--(Ailinglaplap) 16 points.
    8.Opten Timothy--(Kwajalein) 16 points.
    9.Rojen Yamamura--(Utrok)7 blocks
    10.Bwiro Nickloas (Majuro)15 points
    11.Junjun Wase (Arno) 15 points
    12.Cabriel "Majjamu" Bobo (Maloelap)14 points
    13.Junior Lejenna (Utrok) 13 points.
    14.Amelek Eika (Kwaj) 13 Points
    15.Miji Abo (Ebon) 13 points.

    For the Junior Level..First Team are:
    1.Michael Peter (Ailinglaplap)son of Peter and Elias.(Ralik All Stars)
    2.Bingo Lang (Wotje) son of Lee Lang and Zila (Ratak All Star)
    3.Jerome "Knepp" Capilee (Jaluit) son of Motey Dawoj and Lyneo.(Ralik All Stars)
    4.Brandon Bo Green (Likep)son of Bo Green and Maria (Ratak All Stars)
    5.Bobby Labi (Likep) son of Bob Labi and Cicelia(Ratak All Stars).Second Team Feature..Crisco Ward..Point Guard,Austin Jarom..Center,Manase Ajjin,Forward,Afrnee Maun..Forward and Jr Alik..Shooting Guard.
  • Iakwe Bro. Jokkijal aka JR,

    Elap am emol kin am update e kim ilo RMI e ikijien Ralik/Ratak Hoopla Shoot Out. Einwot elap ao ekkel ne RiKwajlain aka RiMajuro renaj bar bok tib ke?

    Ekwe brother, kejbarok wot im lewoj juon iakwe emenen jen Majuro e.
  • Additional Prospects to the Big Board..

    David Lang (Jaluit)..Tying scoring record 19 points..along with Ailinglaplap Player(Bios Lomari)..Other Honorable mention..Moto Lomari(Kwajalein),Albert Capilee(Likep)

    On The Lijimu Tournment..Vicki Lollin (Wotje) is still the MVP Canidate.

    Elizebth "LIZZ" Elio from lokonmok lead team Majuro with 8 STRIKE and 9 blocks to beat team Jaluit on July,16,2009. With the temperature high of 97° on a "blazing hot "summer day.
  • Up to Date for 2 GAMES Played on July 17,2009

    Junior Hoopla..(Ralik All Stars Tied the Series(2-2).
    Scope of the Game.

    Afrnee "Hardway" Maun from Tutu Arno a left handed Point Guard and a Ralik Ratak 2nd Team led Ratak All Stars with 15 Points,His Team Mate,Rynn Peter of Tobal Aur and Charles Barkley Type Body look..grabbed 16 REBOUNDS and set a new record for Junior level.But that was not Enough to stop the Ralik All-Stars from striking back. With The Ralik 6'o ft tall all around center Albert Capelle started off the game with 14 points in the first half to get things going for the Ralik All-Stars. Fallow by His Cousin and true freshmen point guard for Sprague high Jerome "knebb" Capelle aka
    "[J].Cape!!eâ„¢" entering the second half with a career high of 14 rebounds. Also dominating the second half teamate Cruzko "Kuko" Ward son of two time M.V.P Rommie Ward with 14 points. And the final score was 41-35Ralik. (The series tied 2-2)

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  • July 17,2009..Winless Ailinglaplap vs Kwajleien(3-0)
    Ailinglaplap new arrival,Junior Alik(Lynhood Washington)led his Team with 15 points..Tatto Langlur 2008 May Day MVP for Youth Player was hot in the Second half and contributed 13 points..That was good Enough but not over enough..when Kwajelein went all the way behind 15 points by Kyle Namintrik another new kid in the hood from Phonix Arizona.2 others new Key Players add to Kwajelein Team..Robby Batongtong(Tacoma US Army Station,and Kelson "Jinira" Laninbilang also from Auburn Washington) each got 13 points.
  • It was on a monday afternoon when Team Maloelap faced team Ebon for the fist time.WIth a Maloelap recruit from Hawaii Rupino Lelwoj only scoring 4 in the first. With Maloelap leading score Alfred "RED55" Moses lead his team with 16 points in the first half which lead to half time. But team Ebon came striking back in the second half With Mijji Abo leading the team in the second half with 9 points. Red55 had only 4 points in the second half and was quiet the rest of the game. But he had a career high of 20 points all together.

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