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  • I don't realy see the reasons of why you guys againest this new admin. We are moving forward instead, one steps at a time, batter than Tony's admin. Tony lied to DC that I. Kabua don't really know how to speak in public. That why I. kabua did not went to DC to present what our country needs. Did you guys see what he did to I. Kabua adm? At least we got $$$ from the trust company. May be its not enough as you thought,but at least we got some. The new Nitijila will take it from where we are now. But, so far we are looking good on developing our small, new nation.

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  • Is that Chemistry or business?
  • I am tired of peopling referring back to the 1990's. Wake up and smell the coffee its 2007 and the questiong is in 2007 and it if only fair that the answer be given in 2007. The question is does Trust Company belong to RMI or NOt? simple.

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  • Limotak12,
    Do you know Libya registered 150 less ship than RMI and collected over $18m yearly? While RMI collected only $2m. You say it's enough? Please you have enough time in dreamland, it's time to come down to earth now and face the hard fact. $2m is peanut to sustain the RMI financial problems. $18m would have lift RMI from proverty 100 times over. You get my grip?

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  • Perhaps it is time to reevaluate the "Pact" between RMI and the Trust company. If something like terrorists made bomb is successfully smuggled into a U.S. overseas installation or even into the U.S. and detonated. Will the RMI be held responsible? Will 2 million be enough to compensate victims or will we pay with Pineb or el in waini? The world isn't getting any safer and while offering this certain kind of tax haven is good for business I think we got to think proactively about things of this kind of nature. It is in our best interest to do so to avoid another usual reactive or reactionary measure to a disruption in policy or government program--things that could have been averted if people planned proactively.

    Limotak12, Imata has always been radical and I think he really did not want to come out looking like a "fake." He could have easily spoke in his own tongue (as he always does in graduations speeches he makes. His english always sound pefect when he reads out the english part of his speeches, addressing everyone, then he would say, "excuse me while I address the class in my own tongue." Knowing him, I am sure he resisted what people asked him to do. That is probably why all ivolved had a hard time arranging things on his behalf. He probably did not want to play along and be manipulated. He wanted to come out looking like his true self sticking to what he has always been, a radical.

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  • Limotak 12 emman bwe elon jidik benefit nan ri majol..Ak from the side order ewor ke baj jidik Bonus ak "KEBETAKLIK",Tip ak "KATOJLA" ej iwoj nan ibbam?Enwot ebwe an Limo thread in ibbam.Komol Tata.

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